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Saint Matthew The Florida Window

Saint Matthew The Florida Window The Florida window features Saint Matthew, one of the twelve disciples. He left his tax collector booth in Galilee to follow Christ and was sent out on a mission to preach “the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” He wrote the gospel, the first book of the New Testament of […]


Revolution in Petersburg The great Civil War siege of Petersburg has given the City international notoriety, yet during the Revolution major fighting finally came to Virginia. Petersburg was in the thick of it. This is not surprising as General Washington had designated the City as one of the major supply depots for the Commonwealth and […]

Lincoln and Grant Meeting

Lincoln and Grant Meeting The climactic events leading to the collapse of the Confederacy began on April 1, 1865 when Union forces defeated the two divisions of General George Pickett at the Battle of Five Forks. Lee could no longer hold Petersburg or stop the Yankees from cutting the Southside railroad. It was time for […]

The Keziah Affair

The Keziah Affair During the 1850s, with increasing desperation, the white population of the Upper South witnessed the success of slaves escaping North, both through individual exploits and organized efforts such as the Underground Railroad. In 1855 the Norfolk Southern Argus wrote that the “frequent escapes of fugitives from our port” were “an intolerable evil.” […]

Saint Luke The Texas Window

Saint Luke, the Texas Window Saint Luke, the Texas Window was unveiled in Blandford Church on May 26, 1912, and features the physician who was the disciple of Saint Paul. He is portrayed in deep contemplation and holds a rolled parchment denoting the authorship of his gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Saint Luke’s […]

Saint Philip The Tennessee Window

Saint Philip, the Tennessee Window Saint Philip, the third disciple that Jesus called is featured in the Tennessee window. He holds three iconographical symbols: a pen, identifying him as an evangelist; a book, denoting the gospel message he carried to Scythia (present day Ukraine); and a staff topped by a cross, which sources say he […]