Historic Farmers Bank

Farmers Bank
Historic Farmers Bank

The Farmers Bank of Petersburg is one of the oldest bank buildings in the United States, and perhaps the oldest in Virginia. The Farmers Bank of Virginia was chartered in 1812, and in 1817 it built its Petersburg Branch. The living quarters for the cashier and his family were on the upper floors.

The bank contained the specie to back the money it printed. It was hit by three shell fragments during the Siege of 1864-1865. During the Civil War it invested in Confederate bonds and went bankrupt in 1865.

It has been restored to the 1820s era by Preservation Virginia and its Fort Henry Branch located in Petersburg. Its heavy, original safe is on view. It was lowered to the basement vault nightly. Behind the bank is an herb garden and reconstructed kitchen. Group tours are available. Please call 804-722-0198 for more information.