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Blandford Cemetery

Approximately 14 years after the Episcopal Church in Petersburg moved from Blandford Church to the site of the current Courthouse, the City of Petersburg purchased the abandoned Blandford Church and four surrounding acres in 1819 for a cemetery. In 1851, the City directed that a portion of the cemetery be set aside as “a burying ground for persons of color.” Still an active burial ground, the cemetery covers 189 acres. “Blandford contains one of the finest collections of cast and wrought iron fences in the United States.”

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Sat. Aug. 12 – 10:00a, 12:00p
Fri. Sept. 15 – 4:30p, 6:30p
Hosted by Martha M. Atkinson

Petersburg Old Towne

The establishment of Fort Henry at the Falls of the Appomattox in 1645 expanded the English settlement that began in the previous decade south of the Appomattox River. The founding fathers of Petersburg, Abraham Wood and Peter Jones, were military and trading leaders at the Fort Henry complex during the 17th century. At least four exploratory parties departed and returned to Fort Henry between 1650 and 1674 after documenting the geography and Indian tribes to the south and southwest of this frontier outpost. William Byrd II laid out the foundation and named the city of Petersburg (and Richmond) in 1733.

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Fri. Aug. 25 – Old Towne 4:30p, 6:30p
Sat. Sept. 16 – Old Towne 3:00p, 6:30p
Hosted by Wayne Tucker

Greek Revival Architecture

“The Exchange Building (The Siege Museum) in Petersburg is most probably the last, unaltered Merchants Exchange in existence in the United States.” This building is Greek Revival with a fine Doric portico. Its principal interior feature is the central circular domed room. The granite steps on the south are not original. It is “a fine model of the more monumental Greek Revival commercial buildings which have become so rare.”

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Sat. Sept 2 – 3:00p,6:30p
Hosted by H. E. Mann

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